Taste buds take time

A couple years back I tried to increase my vocabulary by learning a new word every day. I found that I had to say the word more than a few times before I could use the new word proficiently in a coherent sentence. It’s like we’ve always heard, practice does make perfect.

Know what? Your taste buds are just like your brain learning a new vocabulary. Trying something new will take more than one or two tries to get used to it. Or to like it. And just like so much in life, our preferences change. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised by what you find you like after you’ve given it the old college try.

So. Let’s look at some lean protein rich foods that you might have to give a few runs at before you can truthfully exclaim, hey. That’s pretty good. And good for me too.

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Greek yogurt.

Still the best option for yogurt. Less sugar than most yogurts while packing a devastatingly delightful punch of protein. Personally, I like me some Greek yogurt smoothies. Didn’t take long for my taste buds to get used to it at all. Love at first gulp.


These unassuming nuts also give you a nice turn of Omega 3s, so I’d suggest you give ’em time if at first they don’t succeed at grabbing the snobbish attention of your stubborn and overly safe taste buds. I still haven’t totally gotten onto the wondrously wacky walnut band wagon, but they’re really nice sitting pretty on top of my Greek yogurt.

Hummus dip.

This is one that took me a while to gravitate to, but I really like this treat now, quite a lot. It’s the snack that has your back. Jack.

Salmon filets.

This one also took me a little while. Like four tries, a while. I’m one of those people who do not like anything “fishy”. First time I tried salmon was from the plate of a friend and it was very fishy. Like Capitol Letters FISHY. Didn’t try it again for a long time. However, the next time I did, I didn’t hate it, so there’s a good start, huh. Then the next time, not too bad at all, you see, my little chickadee. Now, I have salmon at least once a week. Wouldn’t miss my weekly salmon run for anything.

Chia seeds.

These guys are rich in nutrients, full of Omega 3s like you wouldn’t believe and are an excellent supply of antioxidants while being a good source for providing you with fiber, iron and calcium. Not much of a flavor to savor but on your Greek yogurt, almost a must. Just don’t think, ch,ch,ch, chia…you know the rest. Come on. Move along.

So. What’s our lesson here today at my sunny door step?

Always try something that could be very good for you, but if at first you don’t succeed, well try it, try it, try it again. Who knows what you might end up liking.

Maybe a lot. And as it’s all good for you, well worth the continued effort.

So, see you later. And keep up the good fight, by eating what’s right.




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