Gotta get your 7 to 9. Everyday.

7 to 9. That’s how many hours of sleep most adults need. 7 to 9 hours. Or else…or else what?

Well It’s been proven that if you don’t get your daily 7 to 9, you’re gonna have some problems cropping up throughout your day. Like?


Poor job performance. You’re tired so what’d you expect. There’s a very good reason that successful athletes always get themselves a good nights sleep. Even if it’s only their coaches ranting at them, making certain lights are out at 9PM sharp. They all know how sleep affects performance.

Then too. Your chance of irritability goes up as does the probability of depression, which goes hand in hand with relationship issues. So snapping at your coworkers to hurry up with that coffee already, won’t make you the office mensch.

Also. Odds are you’ll be eating food that’s not healthy or good for you as you try to get more energized, so obesity and the chance of high blood pressure rolls clumsily into the frame. And don’t forget, some of those energy bars really aren’t that good for you. At all.

Then also, using your memory will be more difficult. How many widgets will we need next week again? I just can’t seem to remember. Oh now I remember…I didn’t get me my 7 to 9 last night…

Not a list of things you want occurring in your daily routine.

So, what’s a person to do…

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Here are a few helpful tips to get yourself some of that 7 to 9 goodness;

First off, set a goal of at least 7 hours of sleep per night. At the least. 7 hours. And remember that even adding a small incremental amount, like say 15 minutes, can only help you more. 7 is good, but 9 is better.

Ok. Great. But spose I can’t get to sleep all that easily. Your head hits the pillow but inside, your mind just keeps on churning.

Easy peezy.

No TV, computer or smartphone usage for an hour before you go to bed. None. I mean it. Don’t make me come over there. No TV. No computer. No smartphone. For an hour before bedtime. Why? Because, my Jedi Padawan, those TV, computer and smartphone screens give off a blue light that messes around with your melatonin. So what if they do? So this. Melatonin is only THE hormone that helps you sleep. That’s so what if they do.

Ok. Great. So no screens for an hour before bed. But what do you do instead with that whole hour? It’s a whole hour.

How’s bout a warm bath. That sounds nice doesn’t it. You’ll begin to feel your muscles relax and then start getting those droopy, sleepy eyes as soon as you soothingly sink in. Nice…

Or listen to some music. Something soft and easy. No heavy stuff. Metal or otherwise. And definitely not Sousa. No Semper Fidelis before bed, if you know what’s good for you.

Or my fab/fav…read a book.

Alright then. Now.

Go to bed already. And get yourself some of that 7 to 9 sleepy goodness.


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