This is your brain with a good breakfast. Really.

Ok. So what’s the big wheelie deal bout breakfast.

There’s a couple of excellent reasons that breakfast is a big wheelie deal. What are they? So glad you asked.

First…breakfast takes care of all those hunger pains that you developed over that long hope-you-slept-well-night. Glad you had some sweet dreams too, because now it’s time for the busy biz-a-ness of life. And guess what. That good breakfast will help you all throughout your day.

Secondly…if you just eat breakfast regularly, chances are very good that you will be much better able to lose weight and/or maintain your weight over the long haul. How cool is that? And anything over the long haul can’t help but be a good thing. Coz. It’s a long haul.

Thirdly…breakfast feeds your brain healthy nutrients that help fuel you to a more productive morning. At least as productive as you can be till lunch.

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Ok. Cool, cool, cool. So how can you take advantage of this big breakfast, boss? Pretty simple. Foods from these following four categories will assist you, so follow me;


Try some Greek yogurt or some cottage cheese, please, with your morning chow down. Maybe even a very small amount of cheese, but remember the words, small amount.


Here we go Dean. Some lean protein. Turkey, eggs, chicken or ham. I’d probably stick Tom turkey at the very top of that list, but small amounts of the others will do that popping protein thing just fine.


Just some whole grain bread or crackers here. Even the right kind of whole grain cereal. Maybe using some mix n match skills, top it off with that Greek yogurt from our list up above or cottage cheese, please.


Fruits, veggies, oatmeal and nuts. Now with kind regards pertaining to the oatmeal, jeez please, no instant. And here we are again using our mix n match skills, chuck some crunchy nutty nuts into that Greek yogurt. Oh yeah.

So. There we go. Feeding your brain pan with all that you need to get your busy day headed in the right direction. And. Make the most of your many splendid morning. And. Get your tail all bushy and busy and bustin’ up the morning in the bam-bam best way that you can.

So. Let’s get going. We’ll see ya later for lunch.


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