It’s all about the Omega 3s. Please.

Omega 3 fatty acids. Doesn’t sound very appetizing does it. But in reality they are very delicious and very, very good for you. Why you may ask. Well, because they are a form of the polyunsaturated fats that are known as the healthy fats. The ones that may help you lower your risk of heart disease. Hm. They look pretty appetizing now don’t they?

Ok. Great. So what do these Omega 3s do?

They help with so many of the activities in your body that you’d need a huge book to show you them all, but at the very top of this long list are these two main important actions:

Building up cell membranes and assisting with the clotting of your blood. Now both of these two items, as we helpfully stated above, help to reduce the risk of heart failure or heart attack. And don’t forget. These are the healthy fats, so loud n proud. Gotta love ’em. Right?

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Ok. Sounds great. So where do we get us some of those Omega 3s?

Here you go;

FISH. Eat fish. How simple is that? But wait. What kind? Salmon, sardines, herring and the Big Tuna, maybe just three times a week.

WALNUTS. Eat walnuts. Throw some on your salad or on top of your oatmeal. Crunchy goodness never sounded so crunchy. Or tasted so good. You know…crunchy good.

CANOLA OIL. Use canola oil. For your salad dressing, your cooking and baking. You won’t believe that it’s canola oil. Really. You won’t. Trust me.

Ok. So, what do we say…?

Omega three is good for me. So make a start, it’s for your heart.

Sorry bout that. I just couldn’t help myself. A thousand healthy fat pardons.

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