Guess who’s coming to dinner…fruit.

Here’s something for you that’s good and tasty. Wait for it…wait for it…fruit.

Yes. Fruit for dinner. And why not. It’s an especially great idea when you’re pressed for time and need something done very quickly and very easily.

In fact the easiest configuration would be to have a small bowl of chopped fruit as a side next to your main dish.

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Or, if you’re feeling like having a little pre-dinner quirky fun or, what Aunt Edna calls, with some frustration, appetizers, then try the following;

Dice yourself up some mango and stir it into salsa, which could be store bought if you have to, & go grab the tortilla chips for some fruity fiesta fun. Just keep the sombrero at home. Aunt Edna gets a little spry if she sees a sombrero around. And no one wants to see Aunt Edna spry. No way.

Next idea. Take some figs and stuff ’em with blue cheese. Honestly, not one of my fab/favs but…you know, it’s good for the list.

So. Done with appetizers? No? Not yet. Alright. We’ll wait a few more minutes…

Done? Ok.

Now for the main meal, hows about this…

Grill up some pineapple planks and serve ’em with grilled pork or chicken and then turn up the Hawaii Five O, new or classic. Doesn’t matter, just book ’em Danno. Book ’em good.

Maybe take some of that mango n salsa and pour it over some grilled fish. My favorite?Tilapia. Mmm.

Or chop yourself up some peaches and put ’em in a pan. Some peaches and put ’em in a pan. Nice rhythm to that. Now as they simmer, throw in a little mint and honey. Carefully pour over some chicken or turkey. Love the aroma of mint and honey. Reminds me of camping.

ok. So. Now, if your mouth isn’t watering after reading all of that stuff up above, then we will have to send Aunt Edna over, with her sombrero on, just to see what the damn problem is. And she can be very cranky around supper time, even with that sombrero on.

So. Go ahead. Ask who’s coming for dinner. Yeah. You know it. Fruit!

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