Better breakfast…better day…better you

Breakfast cereal. Essentially the easiest habit to start up your day with. Get up. Shower. Throw some dry cereal into a bowl and then mindlessly eat. Or eat while you read the back of the cereal box. This is all very easy to repeat too. Every day. Every single day.

Up. Shower. Cereal. Up. Shower. Cereal.

Yet really, breakfast should be more than that. Much more. Like how much more? Like much more…like how bout more protein, much more. Stuffing some protein into your morning ritual will help you feel full for much longer, all the while improving your morning concentration levels and bettering your own production levels. And who wouldn’t want that? It’s a win, win, won kinda thing.

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So here are some protein rich substitutes to try in place of that dry old cereal;

Any kind of nuts. Any kind. Walnuts, almonds. You get the idea.

Turkey bacon or turkey sausage. Mmm. I can smell it already. Nice.

Tofu. Why not. It’s good for you. Tofu for you. Give it a swing.

Hummus. Nuff said.

Some cheese. But not too much. Maybe like a slice. You do not overdo or cut the cheese.

My fab/fav…yogurt. Yogurt and nuts. Yogurt and anything. I really like yogurt.

Peanut butter. Very high in protein. Or any other nut butter. Almond butter etc.

And finally eggs. Although there is a lot of cholesterol in eggs it’s still very protein rich. Just don’t over do the eggs, easy over on the eggs.

Also having a healthy protein rich breakfast may keep your mind tilted towards healthier foods the rest of the day. You know, since I ate so well this morning, why not keep it up. Good habits can be habit forming.

So. Get up. Shower. Then think of something else for breakfast. Maybe yogurt. Maybe you want some of that turkey sausage. Start up your day…better.

Don’t be that serial cereal person.

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