Whole grain is the whole ten yards

Here’s something I’ll bet you don’t get asked much very often; ever read the label on your bread? I know. It doesn’t come up all that readily in most conversations, but it should. It really should.

Whole grain bread, which I’m hoping is the bread that’s on your table right now at this very moment as I write, is worth a thorough examination. In and of itself, whole grain breads have a whole lotta fiber, minerals and vitamins that can keep you energy fortified for quite a while. Quite a while.

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So. Here we go. Pick up that loaf on your table right now. Look at the label of your bread. What are you looking for? Well I’ll tell you in a couple of words, whole grain and whole wheat. That is all that you need to be looking for, very simply.

If you see “made with whole wheat” or “made with whole grain” ditch that loaf like one hot potato and look for the genuine thing. No substitutes should be allowed. You should only stay stubbornly with whole grain and whole wheat.

You nod and ask, what about multi grain, whole bran or cracked wheat? Nope. Keep moving. Nothing to see or buy here. All right. How bout oat bran or nine grain? No, no, no. Whole wheat or whole grain. How about wheatberry or stoned wheat? Read the glorious words…whole grain and whole wheat.

No substations should be allowed. Go the whole ten yards. Go whole wheat and whole grain. You’ll be happy you did.

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