You’re on the right track

I found out something the other day. A track is the perfect place to run. You don’t have to think about where you’re going so it’s perfect for a pure run. And it’s pretty easy to add up how far you’ve run. On most out door tracks four laps equal one mile. How easy can you make it on yourself, I ask myself.

And to make it a family shindig, little kids can play on the inside of the infield while you run, keeping an easy eye on them. As they get older you just know they’re gonna wanna join you in the fun on the run.

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Here are some fun workouts to do on the track, now that you’re on the right track:

Run 3/4 of the track, or 300 meters, then walk the last 1/4 , or 100 meters. A little mix n match never hurt anyone, did it?

Do a little trading off as you run one lap fast and then one lap slow. Some more mix n match wonderment.

Run the straights then walk the curves. Run the straights then walk the curves. Got a nice rhythm to it. Run the straights then walk the curves. Now you say it…

Do four laps as fast as you can and then record your time. That way you can see how fast you’ve run a mile. Then tell your friends to run a mile in their shoes.

After running one lap, head over to the stands and head up to the top of the stadium steps. Not as easy as it sounds. Believe me. Nope. Not easy.

So there you go. And as you go you will see how much fun this running stuff can be.

Hey. Don’t walk away from me. Run.

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