How to triumph over that dreaded 3PM slump.

You know it’s something we all dread. Don’t even like to think about thinking about it. It’s that crappy sluggish stop sign we all have to face so near to the end of our day. The after lunch, slogging severely, 3PM slump. I have to use all of my will power to not look up at the clock.

And what do we all do at that most apprehensively anguished period of time? We pull ourselves slowly up and trudge over to the local vending machines to purchase some coffee. Or some candy. Or sometimes some coffee AND candy.

Not the right thing to do, people. And, deep down, we all know it.

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But that quick jolt of caffeine or sugar induced energy will be very short lived. How short lived? As short lived as Aunt Edna’s speed dating evening last Friday. And the slump that arrives after your quick sugar/coffee hit will be followed by an even lower sinking, slumping event that makes people bow their heads down and pray for a quick nap. Just for a few minutes. Ten at the most. Really. Ten minutes. That’s all I’ll need. Promise. Just ten…

But you know what? You can get a much longer lasting food hit with some protein and or fiber. And this food hit will stick with you much longer. How much longer? Longer than Aunt Edna’s mustache took to grow.

So. So? So why not try the following;

A bunch of nuts. Any kind.

Apple slices…with peanut butter. Mmmm. Apple slicey peanut buttery.

A trail mix with raisins and nuts. Mmm. Raisiny nutty.

A little bit of cheese and whole grain crackers. But you have to remember, in fact always, always, always remember, to not cut the cheese beforehand.

And finally my fab/fav…banana slices with fresh as the morning dew raspberries. Oh my. Guess where I’m gonna go as soon as I’m done here.

So. 3PM slump? No coffee or sugar just give me that protein n fiber bump.

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