Grocery store treasure map

Here’s an idea. Think of your local friendly grocery store as a type of treasure map. A treasure map that’s just a little bit different than a normal treasure hunting map…instead of the center having a big X marking the spot of highly desired gold n jewels, we will be seeking the outside of our map, which is where we will find our healthy treasures of fresh goodness and treats for the soul. And we will be leaving the inner parts of this grocery store map off of our search, for the time being at least.

Most grocery stores stock all the healthiest foods around the perimeter of their establishment, leaving the junk food further into their domain, all towards that center of tasty for you but definitely not good for you foods. So if you stick to the outside of all those tempting aisles of food, you should be good.

In fact, let’s take a little look at out treasure map of healthy foods:

The Meat and Seafood section.

To find the leanest cuts always look for the word loin, as in sirloin and tenderloin. Don’t get fooled by the false gold treasures of beefyloin or chunkyloin. And especially not bit-a-loin. If ground beef is what’s on your list then check to make certain it has the leanest percentage you can find. And always try to pick grass fed beef or wild caught seafood. My mouth is watering into my treasure map already. Sorry bout that.

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The Produce Aisle.

It’s very simple here. Just look for a vast array of colors-purple yellow orange red green. Told you it was easy here. Let’s move along now. People are waiting behind you.

The Bakery.

Another easy one. Just make sure to put down your treasure map and check the ingredients label. What are you looking for, my foodie pirate? Whole wheat flour. That’s what you’re looking for in that spyglass, me hearty.

The Dairy Aisle.

Go full fat milk and yogurt. How pleasing that sounds. Read it again. Full fat milk and yogurt. That could be a great mantra.

Ok. So. There you go. A treasure map where everyone finds the big cache of healthy goodness at the end of our Rainbow Loin And Happiness Grill. See you there.

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