What’s better than butter? Popeye loves his olive oil.

Guess what. You don’t always have to use butter for baking. In fact in almost all cases olive oil can be used in place of butter with some great healthy results. Like what great healthy results you ask. Like cutting down on saturated fats while adding the better monounsaturated ones to your diet. No wonder Popeye loves his olive oil.

Things on a need to know basis:

Butter happens to contain water and you know what? Olive oil is pure oil. So you can use less of it in a recipe. Now, famous great chefs may not all agree, but you’ll need about 2/3 to 3/4 of the amount of butter called for. In fact 9 out of 10 chefs all agree that 9 out of 10 chefs agree to this. And that 1 chef who disagrees? The other nine agree that that tenth chef is very disagreeable. And a little unsavory.

When you bake with olive oil do so carefully. You don’t wanna over bake. Like cookies could take a little bit longer than with butter but they won’t brown as easily. Nice. Because if there’s one thing I don’t care for at all, it’s a burnt cookie.

It’s also ok to mix n match while you bake. Say your Aunt Edna’s recipe calls for 2 sticks of butter. Yes that Aunt Edna. The one who thinks you have to shake bottled water before drinking it. Anyway. Instead of 2 sticks of butter use one stick and 1/2 cup of olive oil. Just don’t have to tell Auntie about it. You know how she can be since she started dating that tenth chef. You know. The disagreeably unsavory one.

So. Baking butter balking then olive oil ok. Then you can say with some degree of honesty that you can’t believe it’s not butter…but olive oil.

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