Music to your ears…and more

Philosopher Albert Schweitzer once noted that there are two means of refuge from the miseries of life…cats and music. I couldn’t agree with Al more. So while cats are just so obviously linked with being a very safe haven from our day to day rigors, let’s take a look at music and see what we shall hear.

Serious research has been done with the powers that are music and how music can affect us in very positive ways. But always remember that the type of music, who is playing it, the specific song type and genre can place you in totally different moods and feelings. So be forewarned to use music responsibly.

Some of the benefits of listening to music include

1) Easing of pain.

2) Getting us to move and to do something.

3) Reduce the effects of depression.

4) Increase and boost memory.

5) Helping us to relax and get better sleep.

All five of the above benefits that come from listening to music have been real world proven so don’t just take my word for it. Music is a very joyful way to restfully relax the mind and the spirit, or with a specific genre, music can inspire us to action or some kind of emotional release.

And all of these assets from just listening. How cool is that?

Pretty note worthy…

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