Positively Thinking

Its very funny how our brains work. Given their own mind, as it were, our brains always seem to take that easy downward pitched road to non- positive thoughts, mostly fearful and sometimes depressingly so. It takes a lot of effort to keep your ever so easily distracted thoughts from leaning towards the negative and keeping a clear, decisive affirmation of the confident cheerfulness of positivity.

Now a lot of very smart people will talk about how our brains really are hard wired to be scared stiff yellow bellied cowards. But there’s a reason for that. Our minds will keep us out of danger by being so apprehensive and careful. That mind induced fear is meant to keep us safe. Fear, in all reality, is humankind’s best friend.

Don’t go out of the cave yet. Beasts are waiting. Don’t go alone when we leave the cave. Beasts are still waiting. And for all the many named Gods sake above, don’t ever leave the cave at night. You know…beasts are waiting. And the beasts are so damned hungry.

So there are some reasonable reasons for our brains to swerve to the carefully diligent obstructions meant to keep us fearful yet fearfully alive. Survival at its most ruthlessly beneficial.

So. What’s this whole little tome about then?

Thinking positive. To do something that goes totally against generations of fear coached endurance skills. No wonder it’s so hard to keep yourself up and positive and smiley smiles all around with all those beasts outside waiting.

So. Again. What’s this all about then?

Tips to work against your own mind and to think positive. It’s a fight well worth fighting. And like all good fights, the battle has to become almost like a habit. Move forward and take the hill. Move forward and take the hill. Move forward…you get the idea. Take the damn hill. An absolute of grinding positivity.


Tip number one.

Experts have found that reading something just before dropping off to sleep is extremely beneficial to retaining whatever was read. It’s a great learning tool. In fact some people have found that listening to a recording as they fall asleep works pretty well as a learning device. So sweet dreams can actually become sweet n smart dreams. And who wouldn’t love that.

So tonight, just before you lay your weary head on that soft inviting pillow, think of one thing that happened during that day that made you very happy. It could be anything.

Someone you hadn’t seen for quite a while called you. You had an incredibly tasty meal. Your boss complimented you about a project you were working on. You finished cleaning up your room. Your partner smiled at you while making dinner. Anything really. As long as it made you very happy. Then write it down into a notepad that you will keep bedside from now on.

So it’s kinda simple really.

Every night before bed, think of something that made you very happy during the day. Then write it down, turn over, and get that well deserved sleep. And as you fall away into that dreamy dreamland, think positive. And ignore those beasts outside waiting.

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