Start me up!!

So…just what everyone needs right now…another health and relationship blog! Oh no. But yes, yet another h & r tip sheet for you.

And yet I have a promise for you. Every health point of data and relationship relay will have been tirelessly investigated and proof checked throughly.

How can I promise this? Because every health and relationship info/tip was something I needed to know and do, for my own wellness and well being. And each blog should be very helpful as all info was used by this person…me. It’s me tested and approved.

So let’s get started.


Every day we do chores and tasks where, after a little while, we begin to find our selves very easily distracted and our focus becomes somewhat unfocused. What to do?

Treat your attention span as a brain muscle that is like any other muscle. It needs to be exercised to stay fit. And as little as 20 minutes is all you need. But for those 20 minutes you have to stay on task and focused. So here are some ideas:

One suggestion is to write the task or job you’re doing onto a post it note and slap it on your desk so that you will always be able to see it.

Another little 20 minute brain exercise? Memorize a poem that you may like. Or even one you do not care for. But for 20 minutes put that poem to memory.

A harder suggestion would be to write an email in another language. That one was tough for me. But pretty helpful.

Done with the brain exercise? Then just like physical exercise, get up and stretch. Or call a buddy. Or walk around your block. Just get away so those precious muscles can relax and rebuild.

Hope this was a little helpful. Let me know…in 20 minutes or less.

But…use that 20 minutes well.

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